This may be the most incredibly awesome Karaoke bar we’ve ever seen. Behold the wondrous themed rooms of The Highball, located in Austin, TX, adjacent to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. The Highball just reopened after 18 months of extensive renovations, including seven outrageously themed karaoke rooms, including - yes - a Twin Peaks-themed room, created by Space Warp Design. The other rooms are Midnight Manor, The Inferno, Freaks, Joysticks, Truly Outrageous, and The 5th Dimensions. Each one features new song lists, state-of-the-art equipment and cocktail bottle services.

In addition to its uniquely themed karaoke rooms, The Highball features a full-service bar, dance floor, stage, lounge area and a formal outdoor patio. Even if you aren’t into karaoke this place feels like an awesome spectacle to behold.

Visit The Highball website for additional images and info.

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Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.

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6 Types of Loneliness


There are 6 main types of loneliness:

1. Interpersonal loneliness: This is the result of losing a significant, or intimate, relationship.

2. Social loneliness: This is where a person is on the fringes of a group, excluded from a group, or is actively rejected.

3. Cultural loneliness: This is…

When You're Fighting Depression ...


1. Remind yourself that thoughts and feelings aren’t facts. Often we think extreme and negative things – which are not completely true in reality. Try to get perspective and to be more balanced – and try to counteract accusing, negative thoughts.

2. Be patient,…


True love is when your pet comes to your room on its own.

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Various Articles on Relationships


What a fun and interesting way of creating crocheted colour changes.  Tutorial over at Elizabeth Andree


20 Things To Make with Toilet Paper Rolls

Crochet rainbow applique free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me


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DECATUR, Ga. — Police are searching for suspects in a deadly Decatur kidnapping.

Authorities say a man and a woman were kidnapped early Saturday morning and found just a few hours later handcuffed and each shot in the head. Their families have pulled together a $15,000 reward for anyone who can tell them who did it.

The family says Jeronta Brown and his fiance, Briana Brooks, took their 8-month-old baby and 14-year-old niece out for a meal. When they got back to their Decatur home, several men jumped them.

The children were able to get away, but Brown and Brooks were put into the back of a van.

Brown’s aunt, Myesha Brown, said the men tried to get inside the house before leaving.

"The guys walked up, started ringing on the doorbell, beating on the door, yelling, ‘FBI, FBI,’" Brown said.

Instead of opening the door, Brown said they called 911. Police did show up, but Brown said they didn’t take the kidnapping seriously.

"We were unable to get the kidnappers what they wanted due to Dekalb County thinking that this was a joke, this was something Jeronta set up," she said.

Brown said a family member got a call shortly after the kidnappers took off, demanding $150,000.

By daybreak, a driver 17 miles away in northwest Atlanta spotted Brooks and Brown lying in the street.

Jerota Brown was dead. Brooks, seven months pregnant with the couple’s second child, was alive. Doctors were able to deliver the baby girl by C-section. Brown says the infant is doing fine, but Brooks’ condition remains uncertain.

DeKalb County police were unavailable to talk about the crime and their response to it because of the holiday weekend.


This is so fucked up, omg.




The Black life has no. value. to the American society. This is fucking atrocious.


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Friendly reminder that in the United States, cops are supposed to pass a number of tests including a 7-8 hour psych eval.

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My friends are so fucking strange

I like him. Keep him.

I’m actually dating him

i ship it

we all ship it

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This post always slaps me in the face

this is my favorite post on this website



This post always slaps me in the face

this is my favorite post on this website

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Frozen Screen Tee | Art by Nathan

Not going to lie, this design is one of the few that makes me smile when it comes to this movie. The magic bar makes me giggle just as much as the options. Very cute indeed! Oh and if you order this design on a white t-shirt from now until Friday, it’s only $12! Bonus!!